3 Ways to Win At E-Commerce

April 20, 2018

With e-commerce fast becoming the norm, we are pleased to share two new articles from PRS IN VIVO and our latest Learning Lab webinar series to help you win at e-commerce:

1. Improving the Online Grocery Shopping Experience
The Journal of Shopper Research

This article provides a detailed synopsis of a recent PRS IN VIVO study in which we created two alternative shopping interfaces in a simulated online e-tailer and documented their impact on shoppers’ viewing patterns, perceptions, and purchases.

As you’ll see, the study suggests that there is an opportunity to significantly improve the online grocery shopping experience.

2. Creating Competitive Advantage in e-Commerce

This article speaks to many of the themes from the webinar and shares learning on several issues, including optimizing packaging for e-commerce (via pack simplification and enhancing visual imagery) and enhancing product pages.

3. Winning at E-Commerce: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities

In April, Scott Young and Andy Rushforth shared insights to help marketers facilitate shopping and create competitive advantage in e-commerce with case studies.

To view our full e-commerce webinar, please click here.