PRS IN VIVO is committed to sharing our knowledge through academic collaborations, white papers and presentations.

Webinar: Next Generation In-Context Research

Flexible, Technology Driven Solutions to Understand Shopper Behavior With over 45 years of unrivaled expertise in applying behavioral science to shopper research, PRS IN VIVO announces Next Generation In-Context Research, designed to build a better understanding of real shopper behavior, influence consumer choice, and drive real world business results. The Next Generation approach to in-context research is…

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BVA Summer Sprint 2018: Innovation is at the Heart of Our Business

Here at PRS IN VIVO, we make innovation part of our DNA and everyone contributes. We are a company where everyone is encouraged to participate. Innovation takes experimentation and sometimes it requires investment that never materializes as an actual product but we learn, we validate, we improve, and then we bring new products to the…

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Lean, Agile, Rapid or Just Fast?

It is true that the digital transformation is also changing our world, our everyday world and our professional world?  Whether these changes are more revolutionary or evolutionary depends on the consideration of categories and markets, and sometimes it is simply in the eye of the beholder. What’s certain is that change and transformation are not…

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