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Webinar: E-Commerce from a Shopper’s Perspective: Overcoming the Challenges

While e-commerce for CPG products is experiencing explosive growth, this channel is still in its infancy. All stakeholders – manufacturers, retailers and e-commerce providers – are all at the very start of the learning curve. Despite some efforts to serve shoppers well in this environment, there’s clearly much more that can be done to fully…

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Succeeding at E-Commerce By Being Shopper-Centric

The explosive growth of online shopping has revolutionized the world of retailing. However, while e-commerce has thrived in many areas (travel, technology, apparel, books, etc.), online purchases of consumer packaged goods (CPG products) have remained limited. In the U.S., recent e-commerce sales were only 2% of all CPG sales. In studies at PRS IN VIVO, we…

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Overcoming the Hurdles of E-Commerce

Current online displays of consumer packaged goods don’t show products in their best light. Here are some ideas that could help from Jonathan Asher as featured in BrandPackaging magazine. Download

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Will Amazon Kill Impulse Shopping?

Between Amazon and online grocery shopping, impulse buying at checkout is declining dramatically. Instead of glancing at the candy & magazines displays, shoppers’ eyes are now glued to their smartphones. There are several steps retailers & manufacturers can take to encourage and enable more impulse buying. Download

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4 Best Practices for Optimizing Packaging for E-Commerce

How a new design system is introduced in market can significantly influence sales.  Here are four “best practices for minimizing risk: 1. Foster Brand Recognition (via Visual Continuity) First and foremost, shoppers are looking for reassurance that they are buying the same product (online) that they know/trust from the “brick-and-mortar” store.  So while pack images…

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Making Packaging Work Online

5 Principles for Success

This article speaks to both the challenges and opportunities tied to adopting packaging to a digital e-commerce environment. Download

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