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Introducing the AI Pack Screening Model

Innovation to Help Brands Make Faster & Better Packaging Decisions (Teaneck, NJ)  Global shopper insights agency, PRS IN VIVO, announced today the release of their AI Pack Screening Model, which applies data mining, artificial intelligence and an expert review process to quickly screen new packaging concepts. This is the first of a portfolio of innovative…

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Innovation and the Story of the Drunken Man

Are you still searching for the keys? Everyone is rushing into one-size-fits-all methodologies but rarely question whether anyone has ever found the keys to success. In this article featured in Quirk’s Magazine, Richard Bordenave looks at ways to increase the odds of successful new product research for CPG. Download

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What Innovations Will Consumers Pay For?

At PRS IN VIVO, we’re often asked what “really matters” to shoppers.  Specifically, some marketers ask where they should focus their efforts, particularly tied to packaging and product innovation. Clearly, there’s no single answer, but across categories, we’ve seen that people consistently value the following functional benefits: Portability Packs that link to new usage occasions…

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3 Strategies for Growing Product Categories

At PRS IN VIVO, many of our clients are now focused on partnering with retailers to grow product categories. While driving incremental growth is always challenging, we have seen “success stories” across different countries, categories and retail channels. Here are three avenues to consider: Packaging Innovation New product varieties and flavors (in familiar pack formats)…

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The New! Violator: To Use or Not to Use?

Clients often ask us, “Should we include the “New” violator on the packaging?” Our experience suggests that this message can drive shopper engagement, but it is most valuable when linked to directly to a meaningful benefit. So, we encourage our clients to go beyond just saying “New!” and try to quickly define “What’s New” about…

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4 Reasons that New Products Fail

For nearly 50 years, new product failure rates for packaged goods products have remained at nearly 80%, despite enormous investments in development, research and advertising.   In our experience, we’ve seen that these failures are often tied to poor packaging decisions, as these packs: 1. Get Lost at Shelf Too many new products blend into their…

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Thinking from the “Outside-In”

Linking Research & Design to Drive Breakthrough Innovation & In-Market Success

This presentation focuses on how companies can drive winning innovation, by employing an “outside-in” mindset that emphasizes product and pack design – and by connecting effectively with shoppers at the point-of-sale.   It outlines four (4) common “pitfalls” that lead to many new product failures and provides practical guidelines for using research effectively and optimizing new…

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Starting with the Shopper

Research Insights for Winning at Retail

This webinar shares insights, case studies and “lessons learned” from thousands of PRS IN VIVO packaging and shopper marketing studies. Topics covered include:  Enhancing POSM & Shopper Marketing, Driving Successful Innovation and Making Packaging Work Online (Linking the Digital & Physical Shopping Experiences). Download

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