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Trader Joe’s – my one and only!

I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s ever since I was introduced to their Cookie Butter (no really, it’s addicting).  Actually, I’ve eliminated shopping at regular grocery stores almost entirely. The experience at Trader Joe’s is like no other. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love Trader Joe’s over other grocery retail stores: 1. Simple…

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Will Amazon Kill Impulse Shopping?

Between Amazon and online grocery shopping, impulse buying at checkout is declining dramatically. Instead of glancing at the candy & magazines displays, shoppers’ eyes are now glued to their smartphones. There are several steps retailers & manufacturers can take to encourage and enable more impulse buying. Download

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3 Principles for Effective POSM

At PRS IN VIVO, we regularly conduct studies to assess and enhance in-store communication (including displays, signage, shelf talkers, etc.). These studies take place both in actual stores and at our Retail Labs – and they often include Mobile Eye-Tracking, to document exactly what shoppers see (and miss) as they navigate and make purchase decisions….

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