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Product Taste Test: Oui by Yoplait

With over 20 years’ experience of product testing research, and our combined heritage in France and the United States, we had to conduct a product taste test when we saw Oui by Yoplait, a new French style yogurt to be sold in the US. Our internal U.S. panel – comprised of staffers who have visited…

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Moving Beyond Visual Packaging Cues

Brands have meticulously crafted and tweaked their product packaging visuals in order to expertly communicate key messages to their consumers on both a rational and emotional level. These packaging communications have mostly relied on our visual senses. However, our visual sense is only one of the five senses we have. In an extremely ever growing, competitive market,…

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Starting with the Shopper

Research Insights for Winning at Retail

This webinar shares insights, case studies and “lessons learned” from thousands of PRS IN VIVO packaging and shopper marketing studies. Topics covered include:  Enhancing POSM & Shopper Marketing, Driving Successful Innovation and Making Packaging Work Online (Linking the Digital & Physical Shopping Experiences). Download

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Starting with the Shopper:

Scott Young

Starting with the Shopper shares insights, case studies and “lessons learned” from thousands of packaging and shopper studies. Request a copy

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Nudge Marketing:

Eric Singler

Nudge Marketing is a pioneering work, which shares key principles of behavioral economics and shows how they can be applied to “Nudge” consumers towards more positive behaviors. Request a copy

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Making Packaging Work Online

5 Principles for Success

This article speaks to both the challenges and opportunities tied to adopting packaging to a digital e-commerce environment. Download

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Improving the Screening Process

The article outlines common pitfalls in the screening of new product, pack and design concepts – and discusses the importance of monadic “on-shelf” screening to identify options most likely to succeed in market. Download

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Winning in a World of “Too Much Choice”

This article speaks to the overabundance of choices facing shoppers – and emphasizes the importance of on-shelf performance in a world of clutter. It also shares strategies for increasing retail visibility and facilitating shop-ability. Download

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