Winning at Duty Free: Influencing the Travel Retail Shopper

May 3, 2017

PRS IN VIVO - Webinar for Duty Free ImageThe Duty Free market is large (nearly $50 billion) and growing quickly (at nearly 10% per year), fueled by the rising disposable income of the young Chinese travelers.

With this opportunity in mind, PRS IN VIVO has recently conducted studies at over a dozen global airports, using a combination of web-based logs and observation (via mobile eye-tracking) to better understand the Duty Free shopping experience. These studies revealed:

  • The cultural and logistical challenges unique to the Duty Free channel
  • The key differences in mindset and opportunity by gender and across nationalities (Asian, Middle Eastern, European, American)
  • Effective strategies for influencing shoppers at the pre-planning stage
  • Best practices (and common mistakes) for driving engagement, facilitating shopping and closing sale in travel retail
  • Case studies of using behavioral economics levers to influence duty free shoppers

To learn more and access our recent webinar on Duty Free shopping, please contact Gail Ng.