Nudge Marketing is an actionable application of behavioral economics principles and techniques.

Nudge Marketing

PRS IN VIVO has pioneered the application of Behavioral Economics to the worlds of marketing and insights.

Nudge has gained tremendous recognition lately, including the recent awarding of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Richard Thaler, co-author (along with Cass Sunstein) of the book, “Nudge”.

Eric Singler, Managing Director of PRS IN VIVO, is the author of “Nudge Marketing,” the founder of the BVA Nudge Unit – and a Behavioral Economics advisor to Emmanuel Macron (President of France), among many others.

Behavioral Economics learning (regarding System 1 thinking and the importance of context) informs our methodologies, metrics, and analysis for shopper, packaging and new products studies.

Our “drivers of influence” framework and ESOMAR winning methodology has helped many marketers to “nudge” positive changes in consumer or shopper behavior.

Some of the companies that have joined the Nudge adventure:

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