We provide actionable insights rooted in shopping behavior and behavioral economics.


PRS IN VIVO is the global leader in pack research. We conduct over 1,000 packaging studies annually – far more than any other research agency.

These studies take place across all leading markets, as we are the global pack research partner to many consumer marketers, including Unilever, Nestlé and Colgate. We apply both Qualitative and Quantitative methods to partner with marketers and design firms through the development, screening and evaluation of new packaging systems, for both Re-Stages and Innovations.

discover, guide, confirmAcross all of our methodologies (including in-store, web-based and ShopperLab studies), we emphasize observing shopper behavior, as we know that visibility and shop-ability link closely to in-market sales, both in-store and online. In addition to validated and proprietary tools, PRS IN VIVO brings unmatched experience and expertise to packaging research, which is reflected in our Knowledge and thought leadership.

eye-tracking packaging_qual
We pioneered the use of eye-tracking to document shelf visibility and pack viewing patterns (and have an unrivaled global database from thousands of studies). Our Qualitative team regularly conducts studies to explore visual imagery, and screen new pack structures and graphics.