PRS IN VIVO focuses on actual shopper behavior in various channels, including duty free.

Shopper Research

PRS IN VIVO focuses on observing and speaking with shoppers, through studies that take place in-store, online or at our Retail Lab test stores.

Retail Labs are customizable venues for pre-testing new approaches to signage, displays and aisle configuration. We use our mobile eye-tracking to document shopper navigation, both in-store and online.


Our range of services helps clients to understand the Shopper Journey and improve Shopper Marketing efforts. This research involves both physical and digital shopping experiences (e-commerce) – and focuses on shopping behavior (visibility, shop-ability and purchase).

Our studies for both manufacturers and retailers regularly address issues such as:

  • Shopper Marketing in Specific Retail Channels (including Club, Dollar, Convenience, Airport Duty Free, Grocery, Drug, Mass, etc.)
  • Understanding Shopping Behavior of Key Segments (Millennials, Seniors, Hispanics, etc.)
  • Assessment & Optimization of In-Store Merchandising (signage, displays, etc.)
  • Category Management & Aisle Reinvention
  • The Intersection of Physical and Digital Shopping (using mobile devices for planning, assessing and during shopping)

Courting the Luxury Shopper

Winning at Duty Free

Case Studyfor HP: Shopper Journey