By including in-market realities, our forecasting is more actionable than methods that rely on concept evaluations.

Volume Forecasting

Unlike other models, the PRS IN VIVO approach is rooted in shopping from shelf – and addresses the full path to purchase and repeat. We’ve conducted over 300 validations, which show an impressive linkage between our forecasts and actual in-market sales.

Our forecasts can be conducted for both New Products and Re-Stages – and they are offered as an optional “module” to our on-shelf studies. Thus, clients can conduct a single study to optimize packaging and merchandising – and to gauge in-market sales impact.

Most importantly, unlike the leading Volume Forecast approach, our forecasts are rooted in actual shopping at shelf, rather than “claimed purchase interest” from concept statements, thereby providing a more accurate prediction.

In addition, our model is based upon individual shoppers (rather than aggregates), which leads to more accurate projections for “niche” innovations.

By combining the concept evaluation, package study, product assessment, and volume forecasting all in one, efficiencies are realized and accuracy is improved.