Making effective packaging design decisions today is increasingly difficult for brands.  When the average grocery retailer carries over 50,000 SKUs it is harder to stand out and convey a compelling brand message.  Today’s complex shopper reality, with overlapping retail channels, from digital to traditional brick and mortar and all variations in between, is at the heart of these challenges.  Packaging, the primary communications vehicle for the product across these channels, plays different roles in driving consumer choice depending on context.  It is critical for marketers to understand the context and the impact of packaging in each shopper environment to make better design decisions that will grow the brand.

We have partnered as trusted advisers to the world’s largest manufacturers providing best in class advisory services across all phases of their packaging development with the goal of improving business outcomes.

Our approach, utilizing a behavioral framework, years of experience, and normative data makes us uniquely qualified to help our clients address all their packaging challenges, regardless of budget or time constraints.

At the heart of our packaging research we recognize the critical importance of the First Moment of Truth, when the consumer clicks on the product to add to the digital cart or reaches for the product on the shelf.  We utilize a behavioral framework in our analyses to understand and deliver insights into the drivers of consumer choice, and what best influences buying behavior.

Having researched over 25,000 package and shelf designs, coupled with our experience in the art and science of packaging development, allows us to predict on-shelf pack performance that can effectively drive brand growth.

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